The Fascinating Aether

Personal point of view on structure of matter, gradually described in four chapters.
Starting from the definition of an elementary phenomenon and its geometric representation
in a multidimensional space, is demonstrated that all physical quantities linked by
Nature are combinations of five fundamental units of measurement.  In addition, the mass
highlights a perfectly balanced position related to space and time, also, the link with
gravitation and inertia. Surprising resemblances of the physical properties. Finally, the
aether regarded as a specific reaction.

For an easy understanding, please read these chapters (files.pdf) in their order.

Chapter 1 Something elementary             (desktop format)      or     (mobile format)

Chapter 2 Duplicitous mass                      (desktop format)      or     (mobile format)

Chapter 3 Gravito-inertia                         (desktop format)      or     (mobile format)

Chapter 4 Fundamental state                   (desktop format)      or     (mobile format)